Network Connection

Who Needs This

Hotel and restaurant where free Wi-Fi connection is an efficient way to divulge and promote products and services.
Health and education where patients and visitors bring their mobile devices in order to stay connected to the outside world.
Public and private sector, people expect to find free Wi-Fi access wherever they go, community centers, business offices or public buildings.

Who is connected

  • Users in public areas.
  • Users of health clinics.
  • Teachers and students in schools.
  • Customers in hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces.


Wired network

When required a stable connection.

Wireless network

Mobility and wifi security

Network Protection

Who Needs This

Open Source UTM Firewall helps you consolidate your security without compromising its effectiveness. Indispensable solution for Small Businesses, Remote Branch Office, High-Speed Small or Home Office (SOHO), teleworkers needing "Always-Up" network or VPN connection and Home Networks if you want more security than the one the router from your service provider can offer.

What's Protected

  • All computers, mobile devices and servers on a network
  • Branch offices and remote users connected with VPN
  • Email and web servers and even Wi-Fi users


UTM & Next-Gen Firewall

The ultimate network security.

Secure Wi-Fi

Super secure, super Wi-Fi.

It doesn't matter if it's a wireless or wired network.

I think network management can be introduced that is equally sensible.